The other day, Christina blogged about her day-after session. Today, I will show you more photos from this session.



I was there with Christina and James on the day of the photo shoot. I remembered it was a really foggy day when we drove into the city. Hy and I were quite disappointed as we were hoping to have a sunny weather. When we reached the beach, the weather was still really bad. It was really cold and foggy. However, when Christina and James were ready for the photo shoot, the miracle happened! The sun was out and the color of the sky was unbelievably romantic and beautiful. Look at the beautiful sunset color~


We were just really blessed on that day ~ Praise Lord!


For this location, we were just chasing the sun to see if we can reach Crissy Field before the sun set completely. Then, Hy made a sudden stopped and ask James and Christina to hop out of the car for this one quick shot. I was like .. “Middle of the parking lot? Are you sure?” Turned out really amazing! Out of all people, I should of know better not to question Hy’s judgments 😛


Then we got this perfect sunset color we always wanted with Golden Gate bridge as background.



I wouldn’t call this session a ‘trash the dress’ session, the dress was still too clean 🙂 We gotta get it more dirty next time around 😉


Thank you Christina and James for being such a great model for us!