Ceremony: Centerville Presbyterian Church, Fremont, CA
Reception: David’s Restaurant, Santa Clara, CA
Makeup & Hair: Sherrie Long Makeup
Florist: All For You Events

Sandy and Joe got married in the church I grew up and baptized in. Pastor Kevin, who married Hy and I back in 2005, officiated Sandy and Joe’s wedding. This was another very personal wedding for Hy and I.

We were happy to work with Sherrie again. Sherrie is such a talented make-up and hair artist. Sandy was in very good hand.


Sandy got ready at her home. She’s a trained piano performer. We definitely got to have a picture with the piano.


Before the ceremony.


Little Alyssa did a great job walking down the aisle. She was super cute in her hair and outfit!


Here comes the bride with very proud daddy.


Frank did an excellent job capturing a different angel of the church. Did I mention that I used to sing in the church choir when I was younger? This is the view that I saw, facing the audience, when I was up there. Urg ..now I really missed serving in the choir with all those good memories of serving with the choir members, and all the beautiful and touching hymns ..


Pastor Kevin, who married Hy and I 2 years ago, now married Joe and Sandy.


I love love love the detail beading on Sandy’s beautiful gown.


The vintage and “new” old look is very “in” in our wedding photography industry this year. Hy still insists on mixing his own texture. This texture that he cooked up tonight, is my favorite so far. 🙂


The 2nd dress at night was luxurious and beautiful.


Congratulations Sandy and Joe. May this blog post, posted on 9/9 be a good wish for your ever-lasting love. (ps., for the non-Chinese speakers, 9 means long in Chinese. So, 99 == ever lasting. )