Christina, the owner of Simply Modern Weddings has an exceptional taste. You can see it from her business website. You can read about it from her blog “Weddings: Simple and Modern”. Or you can experience it via her own fabulous wedding.

Girls and boys, take out your pencil and notepad. Let me guide you through the top notch wedding designer’s mind 🙂

First of all, I am a shoe girl. My first ‘wow’ goes to Christina’s classic and elegant choice of ‘big day’ heels!


Next, choose the right vendors who can understand your visions. Christina has a blue color theme wedding. In my opinion, blue floral theme isn’t easy to do. Nevertheless, Matika of Simply Blooms brought in vibrant blues in the wedding. Big applause to Matika!

For the blue loving bride: w_hotel_wedding_20070906_03.jpg


For the bridesmaids: I love the color and elegant design!


For the table:


Minling, our HyStudio in house editor, couldn’t stop raving about Christina’s genius idea of having different design for bridesmaid’s dresses yet still keep the unison through the color.



Unique program design for the ceremony.


Don’t forget that blue martini, making sure all the guests are happy and having a good time 🙂


Both ceremony and reception are hosted at W Hotel Silicon Valley.


Something special for the newlyweds.


Cake by Kelli of Pamplemousse Cakes:


Talented and crafty Christina designed this guest sign-in album herself using engagement photos done by HyStudio and Trista Lerit Photography down south. Having a guest sign in album is a great way to show case your beautiful engagement photos to your guests!



Lastly CD favors from Chic Wedding Designs! What a great idea and nice cover design Christina!


Margaret of l’eventique did a wonderful job of executing Christina’s vision the day of. Margaret is the most organized wedding coordinator that we’ve worked with so far. Her wedding day timeline took my breath away. She made my job much easier of making sure things are well coordinated before the wedding! Hope we will get to work Margaret again! Tiffany, the catering manager of W Hotel also did an amazing job to make sure events are flowing smoothly from the hotel catering side.

A toast to our lovely bride and groom. And another toast to the winning vendors team! Thank you all to make this wedding a success for all of us ~

Girls, stay tune. I will show you more photos from Christina & James’ wedding slideshow up coming! And if you are asking “Who are Christina and James?” Check out my previous post about Christina and James’ wedding.