Christina of Simply Modern Weddings, James of JamesCalvin Online just tied the knot back in July this year! They are not only gorgeous looking; they are smart, fun, talented and successful pair! Hy and Frank who got to work with the two talents on the wedding day, couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful and fun the day was. Minling and I, who worked behind the scene on those photos, couldn’t stop raving about the design and richness in details of the wedding! I was so happy to see the vision of Christina, who runs the wedding consulting and event coordination business, comes to live on the her big day!

The beautiful gown together with divine bouquets from talented Matika of Simply Blooms. Matika did a breath taking job with the blue theme wedding decor. I will show case more on a separate blog entry focusing on the details later this week.


A simple photos of Christina opening her gift. I am just amazed of the lighting, the flow and veil and the sheer joy of this photo! My interior designer, Jane, once shared about her married life. She’s been married for long. She mentioned, marriage is just like onion. You thought you know the man. But every year, as you peel off each layer. You discover something exciting, something new. She said, her man (the lucky DJ Jeff ;)) was like God’s wonderful gift to her. Every year, she opens the gift, she experiences something different and exciting!


The ladies ~


The gentalmen.


Radiant bride.


It’s amazing the silence in the photos said so much! Can you hear them?





Hy stole the newly wed away from the cocktail hours for quick round of photos. The location is like 3 min. away from the hotel, in Newark! If you’ve been to Newark, you will appreciate the photos even more 😉



The full wedding event was hold at W Silicon Valley. It’s a modern and chic hotel venue. In fact, for our own wedding, Hy and the groomsmen stayed the night before at the same hotel and had the groom side’s wedding day prep photos done there as well! Hy and I are loyal Starwood hotels customers 🙂



Last but not least, the rings.



If you haven’t, be sure to check out Christina and James’ wedding teaser!

Congratulations Christina and James!