Hy and I are both adventurous eaters. We love to try different type of restaurants.

Recently, we were introduced to Sumika, an authentic Kushi-Yaki (skewered-grilling) restaurant in Los Altos. According to the web-site, Kushi-Yaki is based on the concept that flavors of the season can be best enjoyed when bite-size meats and vegetables are served piping hot directly from the charcoal grill.

We went to Sumika twice for dinner already this month. It’s a small restaurant, so be sure to make reservation on weekends. On weekday night, it can be quite empty. It’s fun to go on an empty night, as you get to chat with the waitress and the chef. Check it out, it’s an very interesting experience. And the food is fresh and yummy!



I will have a pack day Sunday. But I do have some amazing wedding photos to show case when I have a chance next week. There are also Aug wedding teasers that I am holding on to. Stay tuned!