I’ve been taking a one week summer slack from the blog. 😀 Now I am back to my normal schedule.

Life is good for a small summer break for Hy and I. We finally had a chance to watch a movie. We haven’t been to movies in centuries!! (ok.. I am exaggerating. But it does feel like centuries!!) Instead of watching Homer’s family, my dear husband sacrificed himself for me to watch Jason Bourne. 😀

On Sat., Hy had a chance to go to the beach, actually playing volleyball and enjoying BBQ, not taking photos! Sunday afternoon, we finally get to visit Satura Cakes in Los Altos for the first time for some delicious cakes and high quality coffee. Life is good when we remember to stop and smell the roses.

With that said, we are still going full speed processing many many photos in our hand. I will be able to show case a bunch up coming.

For tonight, I would reward your patience with some ‘HyStudio backstage photos’. Thanks Frank for capturing these moments of Hy in actions during Camille and Mike’s photo session. Enjoy ~