I went on a SF Treasure Hunts as a team building activity last Friday. The goal was to resolve some puzzles together as a team (to stimulate team work). We were given 16 clues with 16 ‘treasures’ to find. We were given a ‘boundary’ on the map, from Embarcadero, to the Financial District, to China Town, to North Beach. From the 16 clues, we were supposed to figure out 16 locations within the map boundary and to hunt 16 ‘treasures’ from those 16 locations. Time bound was 3 hours to figure out the puzzle, including figuring out what cross street to go to, walking to the locations, and finding the treasures.

Working with HyStudio, I thought I knew the city inside out. Hy and I had drove around the city numerous times to scout out locations in the past years. Yet, last Friday, while walking on foot the street of San Francisco, I learned that I knew so little of the city. The 16 locations where the treasures were hidden, some were located in famous cross streets, some were located in narrow dead-end alleys with names that were unheard of. My team and I would turn a corner and arrived at a totally different world. The hills went up and down, scenes in front of me defines San Francisco in one way, scenes from afar defines the city in another way. In the midst of literally running cross the city and yelling over the crowd to get my teammates moving in the same direction, I was awed with what the city has to offer.

Last night, Hy finished Camille and Michael’s Day-After photo slideshow. Again, I was awed with how beautiful and dynamic San Francisco is through Hy and Frank’s lens. I am going to let the photos speak for themselves. Enjoy ~















Thank you Camille and Mike for putting your full trust on Hy and Frank! You two are such a pleasure to work with.

Girls, if you have a tight schedule on your wedding day, do consider having a ‘day-after’ photo session. It’s a great way to capture that beautiful gown and a relax way to enjoy the creativity of HyStudio portrait shots! Check out our past Day-After portrait session here: https://hystudio.wordpress.com/tag/day-after/