Tonight, I was going over a wedding day time line with Hy. At times, it’s hard to describe where/what a ‘barn’ is.

“Do you remembered, last time we went visit? it’s not really a barn, but it’s a 2 story building. The folks over there just called it ‘the barn'”? I tried to be clear in my late night language.

Hy had a blank look ..

“The 2 story building? remember?”

Still looked blank ..

“OK, picture worth a thousand words. Let me show you from our blog. I post the photos there. Remember?”

Then, I realize, urg .. we do have too much posts. Hy sat next to me, reading the details of the wedding day time line while waiting for me.

“Hm.. too many posts now” I said. “Let me search our own blog using Google.” (Hee .. did I mention that I am a search queen?)

“Hm.. strange. Not found on Google main search. Let’s try blog search .. What? None either .. ”

So, what can you do when you can’t find it on Google.

You do the search by hand. Looking at the posts one by one. In our industry, it’s call “brute-force search” for our geeky readers out there.

Still. The Image Is NOT Found 😉 (I love Grace. She’s so cute. If you can decode my language here, leave a comment)

“What.. I didn’t post the photos? Oh man … ”

Then, I went to Hy’s computer, and found the images sitting there, quietly, without ever seeing the light of the day ..

So, I am liberating them now. Here, let me introduce you “The Barn”!



“The Barn” is next to Quail Meadows, one of the ceremony location of Quail Lodge Resort and Golf Club of Carmel. Here is a photo of the ceremony ground.



Hy will be heading to Carmel this week. I know Hy will really enjoy the trip.

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