Christina, Christina, Christina. Christina’s such a blessing to the growth HyStudio. I don’t even know how to thank her. It’s been a bit more than a year since the first time we met. Ever since then, Christina and I exchanged numerous emails. She gave both Hy and I lots of love and support. As you can see from our blog comments, Christina’s always full of encouragements. She’s like an angel to Hy and I in many ways.

Many of you may notice from our blog comments, Christina runs a wedding consultation and event coordination firm: Simply Modern Weddings. I can see her passion in this industry. First, she has a modern elegant taste. With that laser sharp sense, she spots talents around her, even before they are known. Then she works closely with these talents (ie., wedding vendors) and helps them to grow with her. This past year, by working closely with Christina for her wedding photos, I certainly feel that Christina has helped us to develop upwards as a business. Hy and I just can’t thank her enough.

Hee .. enough sentimental stuff 😛 I know you girls wants to see photos. Let me present you the beautiful bride, Christina. Hy added a little vintage texture in the back drop for a unique look and feel.


Then, Christina’s hot & sizzling groom, James. This can be a magazine cover huh ? 😛



Christina, the blue sky is especially for you! The wind is really working well here.


Next to the farm house at the green valley of Switzerland. Can’t you almost spot a herd of sheep on the grass? 🙂




As always, the best are yet to come 😉

Big congratulations Christina and James! The wedding was such a success. I loved every bits of the details. I can’t wait for all the pictures to be done as well!