We’ve posted a lot of wedding and engagement photos lately. I think it’s nice to take a little break tonight and give you girls an update on our life.

June, July and August are the busiest months for us this year. The busy months varies year to year. Usually we pace ourselves pretty well with wedding schedules. However, summer months are also most popular time for engagement photos, for couples who are getting married later this year and couples who books us early for 2008 weddings.

Hy has been working hard on post-processing the photos. He’s been too busy that we haven’t had a chance to go watch his favorite “The Simpsons” movie. He’s a die heart fan. He told me he probably watched all episodes. The scary part is, he still laughs hard and watches attentively on the same re-runs that even I’ve spotted couple times.

He was super excited when I show him the “Simpsonize Me” web site over the weekend. During his editing break, he would try to load up our pictures. There were a lot of time outs as there are so many other die heart fans out there accessing the site.

Here is an image of Hy and I in the Simpson land. hystudio_simpsons.jpg

Haha .. I know I am not that skinny, sexy and hot in real life. But hey .. I am in the Simpsons’ world. I can be all that I can be.

Back to my real life, I’ve been reading a lot lately; business, novel, and online articles, blogs. One book stood out and really affected me this summer was “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini, the author of another best seller “The Kite Runners“. The story covers three decades of anti-Soviet jihad, civil war and Taliban tyranny through the lives of two women. I finished the book in about a week’s time, mostly nights after work. I felt my week has been zone in and out of the lives of these two Afghani women. As a woman, I felt deeply sorrowed for the women who experienced war, abuse and unfair treatment in the society. It brought me tears and pains to think about women crossing the ocean who can be my age, yet experiencing totally different life as described in the book. Not decades back, but in this decade, right now. It gave me a bigger perspective of the world we live in, and my role and responsibility as a citizen of this world. I would highly recommend this book, probably months after your wedding. Don’t read them too close to your wedding, the book will make you cry and give you heartache.

BTW, from what I see on Hy’s screen, there will be some really nice wedding photos coming out these two weeks on this blog. Stay tune ~