Carol and David are high school sweet hearts! After all these years of dating, 4 years of long distant relationship during college years, they are finally tieing the knot next year! Carol told me that she wants to go on the romantic hot air balloon ride with David since high school. But the price tag was just way over the top for high school students. Now that they are both working, they wanted their first experience together photographed as part of their engagement photo session, after all these years of waiting.

Hy and I woke up early, yes, very early, 2:30am in the morning. We left home at 3:30am and arrived Napa valley at 5:30am. We met up with the love birds at their bed and breakfast. Even though it’s 5:30am in the morning, they were both so very excited. We took bus ride to the launching site. There were groups ahead of us, already got into the basket, ready to be launched.



A group of workers had to push the balloon up before the launch. The sun just started raising. With our lifestyle, Hy and I rarely get a chance to see sun-raise. The morning air was really fresh. We both were glad we woke up early.


Up and up it goes.


The love birds up in the air.




I tagged along for the ride. It was the first time for Hy and I as well. It was really fun. The view was just breath-taking and the surroundings were so peaceful in the morning. We can see birds fly in group below us. The valley was just beautiful. Our pilot, Jonathan, who flew the hot air balloon around the world, told us that the reason we all had to wake up so early is because just before sunrise is when the weather is the coolest and the winds are the calmest which is ideal for ballooning. The flight was very smooth and calm.


Mid-summer morning sunshine above the wine country as backdrop.


We had a very peaceful landing. Each of us got a balloon pin as a gift from the Balloon Above the Valley ballooning company. Do you know that they also host weddings on the balloon ride? Yes, you can get married on the ride as well. They have pilot who is also a minister. Wouldn’t that be a very unique way to tie the knot? With all your relatives either in the balloon or the balloons next to you?


David and Carol enjoy a moment while the workers were working hard deflating the balloon. engagement_hot_air_ballon_20070730_12.jpg

After the balloon ride, we enjoyed a very tasty champagne brunch at the Napa General Store. And since we are in the wine country already, we also went around and took more photos. There are many more amazing photos to come. BTW, Carol and David are booking Frank for their wedding next year. Act fast girls, Frank’s available dates with his value package are getting filled for 2008.

Congratulations Carol and David. Hy and I had lots of fun. Thank you for your thoughtful gifts, we will be enjoying the wines.  Cheers ~