If you live in the city, in our case, San Francisco, where can you go to find a peaceful retreat for your exhausted heart? Some people would say beach or state parks, cathedrals or churches, and maybe shopping center for some extreme gals.

For Jason and Sharlene, it’s the San Francisco Zoo!

Sharlene and Jason shared this treasure location with Hy during their engagement session this past weekend at the SF Zoo. It’s a place they are familiar with since child hood. They still visit the location a lot to escape the noises of the daily life.

The photos are so unique. I was all OMG when I look through them. Here are some teasers to share with y’all.


Sharlene and Jason looked perfect. I wish the goat was a bit more enthusiastic. 😛


I love love composition of this shot!


And I was all OMG on the color of this photo.


Did you know that you can actually have a wedding in the zoo? I stumbled across SF Zoo wedding page while studying the location. It would be a very unique experience!



Hope you girls enjoy the photos as much as I do. I can’t wait till we finish the full photo set so we can share more photos with you. Also, Minling and I are seeing lots of really exciting and cool photos out of Hy & Frank’s camera. I can’t wait to finish processing them so I can share with the world! Patience is a virtue, note to self.

Congratulations Sharlene and Jason. Hy and I are looking forward for the big day in Sept.!