Couple days ago, I showcased Linh & Kevin’s wedding teaser. Today, I am ready to show more photos from their glamorous wedding day.

To start off, look at these lovely open toe ankle strapped darlings from Kate Spade Wedding Shoes. Hee.. I guess I just revealed my shoe lady identity. 😛 While searching info on this, I found this pair is dyeable. I wonder what color they will be after the wedding.


Glamorous decoration by the glamorous Nicole Ha Designs. The flowers really upgraded the gazebo a notch. See a before photo Hy took during our site visit here. Now enjoy how it looks after Nicole’s magical wand.


The ceremony is at Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center located at Metropolitan Golf Links, Oakland, CA.



Now, introducing Mr. & Mrs.


The make up and hair is done by famous Maria Chang of Professional Makeup Artistry. Hy and I heard so many praises of Maria. We finally have the honor to work with Maria for the first time. She’s truly a professional. She was like the bride’s personal assistant on the wedding day. She stayed with Linh from the morning tea ceremony till the afternoon ceremony. She even helped out other vendors to pull things together. Maria’s truly an amazing team player. Thank you Maria for your assistance on the day! Frank and Hy told me so many great things about you! We are fortunate to work with you.

Bridesmaid bouquets from Nicole Ha Designs.


Golf car kiss! 8)


Heading to the reception at East Ocean Seafood Restaurant at Emeryville. This is a 880 North in motion shot!


New composition to showcase the bridal bouquet. Love the color combination in the bouquet! Nicole did an amazing job.



Beautiful sunset color.



At the reception, HyStudio family old friend, DJ Jeff Lee, rocks up the party. Jeff’s wife, Jane, an interior designer, helped us decorate our studio at home. She is also the one who led me to my first prayer when I was in the youth fellowship many many years ago. Always love to work with old friends.


Dance floor decor: looks familiar? Yup, flowers can be reused wisely from the ceremony, with Nicole’s magic wand.



Congratulations Linh + Kevin!