For those of you who have large extended families, having 2 receptions for your wedding is not a bad idea.

In our (Hy & I) case, I have a large extended church family. Those are the folks I see every week, folks I’ve known for 10+ years, folks I grew up with. When hosting a wedding I would love to share my special moments and joy with them. However, having a large wedding reception, on top of huge cost, it also means the venue location choices are very limited. In the end, we decided to have a small and intimate wedding reception at Mountain Winery. Then have a more casual ‘days after’ celebration couple weeks after our honeymoon. It worked out very well for Hy & I. Hy and I had a very casual 2nd reception. Other than a formal wedding cake, we basically just hosted a fun, casual summer dinner party lasting from late afternoon to midnight. There were no program; just A LOT of food and drinks, with a pool next to the facility for the kids to play. It was very relaxing for the guests. Hy and I also had tons of time chatting with our guests. My cake lady was Sonya of Butterfly Cakes. I had her design my 2nd cake inspired by my wedding gown. It provided an continuation flow from my church wedding ceremony, which I invited everyone to attend. I want to talk more about Sonya, maybe I can talk more about her some other day.

Lien and Binh hosted their 2nd reception at Dynasty in Cupertino. Make up & Hair are done by Christine Make-Up. Florist is Nicole Ha Design.