July has always been an eventful month.

This week, I’ve flew to Detroit, MI., Champagne, IL., Chicago, IL. and back to SF! All those places within 48 hours. What a life! BTW, the Westin hotel inside the Detroit airport was an eye opening experience. Yes, the luxury hotel is INSIDE the airport. The amazing thing is, it remains luxury. I didn’t feel that I was sleeping inside an airport at all!

4th of July has just passed. Hy and I spend the afternoon scouting for our upcoming day-after shoot. It will be a fun one. So, stay tune. To celebrate the Independence day that just passed, let’s take a break from the wedding photos. Let me treat you girls with some artistic photos from Frank. The location choices are ideas from one of our recent wedding. Sit back and enjoy some nice art pieces.

Location 1: St. Ignatius Catholic Church



Location 2: SF beach



Location 3: Legion of Honor




Continue the good work Frank! 🙂 I can’t wait to see more amazing photos coming out of ya!