Ceremony: Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, San Jose, CA
Reception: Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA

There are just so much to say about Lien and Binh, how special they meant to Hy and I. Before I start my long story, let me remind you girls to be sure to check out their slide show at the end of this post.

Let’s start with some photos:


My fair lady, Lien.


The couple exchanged their vows in the grand St. Joseph cathedral of San Jose.



Mr & Mrs




I mentioned in my previous post that Lien and Binh are special to Hy and I.

Here is the story:

Hy and I hosted our reception in Mountain Winery 2 years ago. Back then, it was HyStudio’s first year. Not much people heard of us, it wasn’t easy to build momentum. We were struggling with products; in the first couple months of HyStudio, we haven’t had albums built in our packages. At the same time, Hy was trying to accelerate quality for each wedding he shot.

I remembered on our wedding day, while enjoy our time at Mountain Winery. I said to Hy “Wouldn’t it be really something if we can shoot a wedding here some day?” Hy replied. “Yeah, that would really be God’s validation to us that we have His blessing to run this business.” I secretly made a prayer: “Dear God, I really wish we can come back here one day for a wedding. But next time we are back, I wish Hy’s here shooting a wedding”. Thinking back, I was really a nerd; What was I doing thinking about business on my wedding date πŸ˜› But I guess that also showed back in my mind, I really care about HyStudio.

When Lien wrote her first email in Aug 2006 to HyStudio mentioning that she’s planning a wedding at Mountain Winery, I somehow knew in my heart that Lien and Binh will book us. Lien and Binh’s wedding is actually very close to our 2nd year anniversary. I knew that it is God’s validation to us that we have His blessing to move forward; He will bless HyStudio and guide this business with His own hand.

When Lien and Binh came in for first visit, we hit it off right away. Lien and Binh emailed us back in 2 weeks that they decided to go with us πŸ™‚ Hy and I knew that we will really enjoy our journey together. And as you can see in all these photos, we indeed have a lot of fun and joy. And God really blessed Hy and I beyond our imagination in past two and half years.

Now some photos from this special place, Mountain Winery:







Lien and Binh, Hy and I are really fortunate to cross path with you in our life. You meant so much to us!


I purposefully skip a lot of detail photos and some vendor details. I will be posting them this weekend in the next post. There are so many amazing photos in this set, I am having such a difficult time selecting images to post.

For those of you who enjoyed the photos thus far, please check out Lien and Binh’s wedding slide show by clicking here. Remember to turn on your speaker. Enjoy ~