Hy and I are quite busy these days. We are working hard on the photos at hand. We are also working closely with our brides who are getting married in July.

Recently, people at work has been thinking about the question “Why do we do what we do? Is it worth while to devote so much of ourselves at work?” I think this is a question that working adult would ask themselves in their career life, especially with long work hours we endure in the Silicon Valley.

Hy and I ask ourselves, “What drives us to thrive for HyStudio?”

Every time we think about our brides; how excited and happy our bride & groom and their family would feel once they see the wedding photos, we taste the sweetness of our labor. We have so many amazing photos at hand. I will be publishing them once I feel they are ready to be seen. Please be patient and check back with us often this summer.

I’ve know people around me, who has to work hard on visions they don’t believe in. Many work on things not so fulfilling just so they can support the family and pay the mortgage. For Hy and I, we are fortunate and blessed to be working hard on stuff we truly love and enjoy.

One of our upcoming wedding in July will be at Ruby Hill Golf Club in Pleasanton, CA. Here are 2 photos from Hy’s site visit couple weeks ago. The site is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see the photos coming out of that wedding. We also have a wedding scheduled in the same location summer of 2008. Berni, the director of wedding events at Ruby Hill is super helpful.