I introduced Minling, our newest HyStudio team member, in our last “Studio Pulse” blog entry.

I mentioned Minling loves children. She just loves to be around kids and kids love to be around Minling. I’ve known Minling for many years through the church I grew up in. She runs our church’s children program. I work with Minling as one of the Sunday school teacher for our church’s children program. Introducing Minling this way made her sound old, she’s actually couple years younger than me. She’s just really blessed with talent around kids! 🙂

Here is some photos Minling took while baby sitting Julianne one afternoon last week.


Hy took some photos for Julianne when she was a month old last year. Now, she’s already 1 and half years old! Time really flies. Julianne is such an adorable girl!

Minling told me that she will spend more time with kids this summer. Hopefully I will get to show you more of her work through summer time!