I am so please to show case HyStudio’s first ever “Day-After” photo session.

Let’s start with a sexy photo of the newlywed.

Not only Lien and Binh are our depute ‘day-after’ photos newlywed, Lien and Binh are also extra special to Hy & I in many ways. Part of it, Lien, Binh, Hy and I have something big in common; we all had our wedding reception at Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Another part of why they are special, I will save that big story for Lien & Binh’s wedding photo post. Stay tuned ..

Many of our faithful blog readers may wonder, where is the wedding pictures, we don’t remember seeing wedding photos.

And you are right.

Hy and I are still working on the wedding photos. 😛 The wedding was filled with so many beautiful details that it’s going to take us a while before we can finish.

So, then you ask, why am I showing the ‘Day-After’ photos before I finish the wedding day photos.

Because .. because .. because I just can’t wait that long, girl friends!!

Lien and Binh’s ‘day-after’ photos are just so sexy and romantic, I just can’t lock them on my computer and not share with you guys. I bet you girls know what I mean …

Lien picked the bridge location. Lien told me she’s just really drawn to the red bridge. Lien, did you remember we also have a red bridge shoot for your engagement? Guess you are just really into the red bridges 😉

I can’t blame her. The location looks deadly romantic.

I especially love this view. Hy can always show me views I can’t even imagine.

Lien and Binh are good sports. They look comfortable and relax in the photos, but the day is actually extremely cold and windy. But because of it’s windy, we can create the following beautiful veil flowing shots.

This last photo can be a prelude to the next teaser series for Lien and Binh. Other than the red bridges, Lien also love old run down buildings. I will have more to show next time. Have a good week girls.

Congratulations Lien and Binh!