Sandy & Joe are getting married next month. Joe loves photography as a hobby. Sandy is a trained piano performer and an artist. So, I asked Hy to try something out of ordinary in terms of editing for their photos we post below.

BTW, most of the photos below, 9 out of 13, are taken by Frank. For those of you who are considering, I suggest you to snatch Frank fast. With Frank’s photo quality, we would soon stop giving discount to his photo packages.

Starting with an intimate close up.

I really love the old school, post card feeling of this photo. It shows San Francisco as a city with history. Hy doesn’t understand why I love this photo so much, but I just really really love it.

SF water front. The day was extremely cold and windy. But we don’t see that at all in the photos.

Sandy specially requested some photos with the cable car. Other than some standard shots with cable car exterior, Frank and Hy did some creative ones inside the cable car. And like I said before, the boys love to play with the sun.

More photos with SF water front. I really enjoy seeing different sides of SF. The city is just so dynamic ~

We were lucky to catch the sun set.

Lastly, the soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

Sandy & Joe, we are looking forward for the big day next month. We hope you enjoy the little fun Hy and I have with your photos here.