Life has been busy with the wedding season.  Somehow, this weekend, the big topic around my life are babies.  A lot of my friends are having babies.  Next weekend, I will be attending a baby shower for one of our Oct. bride. 

Couple weekends ago, Hy and I visited a venue for our June bride.  Here is a picture of  Metropolitan Golf Links, Oakland, CA.  I think the location is perfect for golf lovers.  You can literally walk 10 steps and you will be on the green 🙂  One of our 2008 groom-to-be mentioned that he loved the idea.  He and his friend can have golf party right afterwards!  Hee.. I don’t have to tell you what the bride-to-be would say to that 😉


And yes, we are booking already for summer of 2008.  Calendars are slowly filling up!