This may be an old news to some of you, especially if you have browsed our “About Us” page recently, we now have 5 team members in HyStudio!

I couldn’t be more proud of this growth within the HyStudio family.

Hy and I started this business in 2005 from our apartment building. We started with nothing, just 2 of us. For the first year, we had to host the HyStudio website from a computer under Hy’s desk next to the kitchen. We lived on the 3rd floor. In the summer time, the cpu would burn out, disk would crash due to hot summer heat. We had to swap the load between 2 web servers. One under Hy’s desk, another under mine. We were thinking to turn on AC for computers during the hot summer day hours, but the electricity bill would really eat up our bottom line. So Hy had to run to Fry’s to buy big fans and open his machine up completely for the fan to blow through day & night.

Back then, when we were hosting our own website, during peak hours, the apache web server would fail over and restart. Our client would have disrupted timeout when they look through the photos. Thankfully, we were out of that garage mode long ago. Many of our clients really supported us through out the difficult starting phases of HyStudio. Thank you so much, our old friends. Thank you in believing in our vision!

Today, I was chatting to one of our very first 2005 HyStudio clients, he told me he really enjoyed reading HyStudio blog. “Tell Hy never stops putting his heart in the pictures, because that’s what differentiates Hy from many other photographers”. Our old time HyStudio supporter told me in the end of our chat.

What he observed certainly captures the HyStudio spirit & brand.

That spirit is not only within Hy. I see the spirit of putting our hearts and souls in our work from all HyStudio team members. We deeply care about our work at HyStudio. Frank joined us since Sept. last year, he grew so much in short 9 months. I can see a lot of Frank’s talent starts shining through the portfolio. Serena started working with us about a month ago on album design. She grew up in an artistic family. Her mom is actually an art teacher. Serena’s a true artist. Minling just joined us last week! She is super passionate about photography, especially kids photography. I can see HyStudio expending to the family, kids photography area upcoming.

So, no blog post on HyStudio goes without photo sharing 😉 Hy took this picture couple weeks ago when we scout around San Jose area. There were a bunch of young skateboarders in the park practicing new tricks. They were there for hours, kept on practicing. Try and try again with passion. Hy and I were really drawn to their spirit. We sat there to enjoy watching them for a long while. Finally Hy walked up to them and asked them to take some photos. Here is one of Hy’s favorite shot.


I believe in talents. I know when we put the talents together in a team, with healthy dose of passion, discipline & perseverance, amazing and creative works will happen. Just as the young skateboarders in the picture, I believe, he will be mastering the craftsmanship in skateboarding one day.

So, keep your eyes on us. I am so excited about the weddings that are coming ahead of us.