Location: Placerville, CA
Ceremony: Bee-Bennett House
Hair: Gold Country Hair Salon
Honeymoon Suite: The Seasons B&B
Florist: All For You Events

I had dinner with Mary and Kevin past week at a Korean restaurant next to their house. As I mentioned in the previous post, we used to have church fellowship at Kevin’s house weekly for the past 2+ years. We had to change location for couple weeks before Kevin’s wedding. But now, we are back at Kevin & Mary’s house. Their place looks about the same, as Mary has been slowly decorating her new home during the past year of wedding preparation. The big difference now, during our gathering, Mary would thoughtfully prepare us dessert and drinks. We are so lucky to have Mary joining our big family! 😛

Back to the pictures a little bit, as you’ve probably noticed from our last post, we increased the size of the photos by quite a bit. It took me (Annie) almost 2 hours to work out the CSS code. I am a programmer, but I’ve always done backend work, CSS is really not part of my trade. But hey, I hack through it! I was a proud girl. Please ignore all of above if you don’t know what type of geeky language is this.

It may take longer time for some of you to download our pages from now on. 🙂 Just click our blog, go get make yourself some morning coffee, summer afternoon juice or late night herbal tea. When you get your drink back, the page should finish loading. I believe the larger size image actually show cases our photos and color quality much better. Let me know what you think?


For the observant minds, we not only changed the size of the image, we are now also trying out new coloring tricks that Hy created. You will see that for this post, the color is much softer than previous posts. It brought out the expression of the couple more!

I mentioned from Mary & Kevin’s wedding teaser post, the wedding party are crazy fun group of people. Here is a shot to prove my statement!




Part of HyStudio brand is continuous improvement. What makes wedding photography really fun for the HyStudio team is that we can keep on challenging ourselves to to deliver quality photos to our brides and grooms! Hope you will be able to see our spirit through this blog!


While working through the photos, especially while preparing for the slide show, Hy and I re-lived the day again. We both really enjoyed the wedding. Here are some photos from the ceremony & banquets.







It was a lunch banquet, so after the banquet, Frank, Hy and I got to have a peek of the honeymoon suite. The main house of the Seasons Bed & Breakfast was built in 1859 and is one of Placerville’s oldest. I really enjoy the vintage feeling of the house and the beautiful garden. Frank got to do some really creative shots for the newly-weds.





Mary & Kevin graciously give us permission to take some pictures of their magically room.



The bed was nicely decorated by the bridesmaids 🙂


Congratulations once again, Mary & Kevin!

For our faithful readers, stay tune, there are many amazing weddings in HyStudio’s 2007 calendar! Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.