Today, a friend left me an IM. She told me that she really enjoyed reading our Travel blog entries. She’s a really busy woman, no time for traveling. “I can now travel with your photos!” She expressed her excitement through IM.
So, this entry is for all of you busy gals out there.


These are some photos from our last Carmel Valley trips. There are so many Pot Farms around. I never looked at pots before, but I started to grew interest since we got our house. Hy took care of our little garden well.

More pots ..


Following are pots from Kim3 International Furnishings. The store is actually really cool with large real size elephant sculptures.



Unfortunately, there probably won’t be too much Traveling photos as our wedding season starts now. Hy will be really busy for upcoming months. But that also means, more beautiful wedding photos will be show cased here! Yippee!!

I can’t resist to post one more photo of the parrot .. it’s so colorful.