Mountain Winery, Saratoga is a dear place in my heart. Hy and I had our wedding reception at Mountain Winery 2 years ago. God did wonders to bring us back to the site.

We visited the site last weekend for our upcoming wedding next week. It’s under heavy construction right now. So, it looked quite different comparing to our wedding day. Nevertheless, Hy’s angle works magics. So, nothing to worry about in terms of photos.

Here is a nice shot that Hy took last Sat. afternoon. There is a history to the facade in this picture. The great earthquake shakes the Bay Area in 1900s. St. Patrick’s Catehdral in San Jose was destroyed with the exception of the 12th century Spanish front portal. In 1906, Paul Masson, the first owner of Mountain Winery, relocated it and made it the facade of the Winery buildling


The ceremony will be held at St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown San Jose. The church is grand and beautiful.



The lady in the picture wasn’t me. But I did sat inside enjoying the peace, quiet and holiness of the church while Hy went around the church. This church reminds me of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC. The street out was so busy & chaotic, yet when you stepped in to the Cathedral, you can find peace in your heart.

Exterior of St. Joseph Cathedral



We will also be working with some old and new vendor friends in this up coming wedding. Hy and I are so excited. We really can’t wait because we know it’s going to be splendid!