I haven’t post wedding photos on this blog for a while. Today, let me show you some wedding teaser photos that Hy’s been working on this month. Let’s start with a detail photo on the gown.


I’ve been ‘seeing’ Kevin weekly for the past 2 years.

OK, I know above statement makes a lot of you nervous. Let me reword my sentence: Kevin and I attended the same church fellowship together for a bit more than 2 years now. The church fellowship meets weekly, mostly at Kevin’s place.

Mary lives in Sacramento during this 2 years. So, we don’t get to see her much. But due to the wedding planning, I got to know her a lot more. She’s such a sweet and caring girl. Kevin is such a lucky man.



The wedding was hosted at a Victorian Mansion at Placerville, CA. The weather was really nice on the big day. You can see the sunlight slipping through the windows. It created a great natural lighting for our beautiful bride.


The wedding ceremony and banquet was hosted indoor at the Bee-Bennett House. Mary & Kevin put a lot of thoughts into the ceremony. They share a lot about how God brought them together, about their life as Christians and about importance of God in their life. The wedding was very intimate. I attended both ceremony & reception as their guest. I was tearful during the ceremony for their love to each other and to their friends around them.


After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. enjoyed a private moment while the bridal party getting ready to reenter the banquet room.


The bridal party was a really fun & creative group. I will show you more fun photos the group created next time.


The two happy love birds 🙂



Congratulations Mary & Kevin. More photos to come. Stay tune ~


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