Today at work, I interviewed an engineer who’s from Arkansas. He told me, one concern he has with moving to the bay area is the housing price. I totally understand that pain. I think many of you can hear/feel his pain. Or soon you will when you start house shopping after the wedding.

Bay area is beautiful though. If you think about it, nice weather all the time. Ocean, winery, ski resort, national park and prestigious universities, all within driving distance. Not to mention the innovative spirit and culture diversity in the Silicon Valley.

Of course, we also bear tremendous stress here. Fast pace lifestyle. Long working hours. Fierce competition among innovations. Time pressure for product to market. It is a trade off. Life/work here can be very exciting comparing to Arkansas, but you can easily loose yourself as well.

Sorry .. this is a bit heavy for a Friday night blog entry. πŸ˜› Not sure why the content went this way.

OK, the topic is wine country. Let’s stay on topic. After dinner tonight, Hy opened a bottle of 2004 Muscato from Parducci Wine Cellar from our trip last weekend. While enjoying the wine, I told him “I gotta pull those pictures you took from Parducci to show the girls, so they can drink with me with their eyes”. πŸ™‚


We stopped by the wine cellars located at Ukiah on the way to Mendocino.


Parducci wine has some very interesting label names: Big Yellow Cab (Cabernet Sauvignon), Zig Zag Zin, and Sketchbook. Here is the display for Big Yellow label.


Here is the Roselle label, (pink RosΓ© wine), so cute. Perfect for girls outing, ie, share a bottle with your girl friends after a relaxing spa day. I think it will be perfect gift for bridal shower too. By the way, I took this particular picture from my point and shoot. You can sort of see my point and shoot camera from the reflection.



You can see the little tiny grapes from the vine outside. It’s really nice. Hy and I are coming back to the wine country during August time, we will be shooting something really interesting, stay tune. I will ask Hy to shoot the grapes again, it will be bigger during that time.


Tiny Tiny grape on the vine.