Hy and I were out of town for 3 days over the past weekend to celebrate our 2nd year wedding anniversary. It also serves as a little get away before the wedding season accelerates.

I planned for this short trip only 2 weeks ago. This is our 2nd time to Mendocino. It’s a town not too far away, yet, remote enough for us to relax and just focus on us. We stayed at MacCallum House Inn. It’s a dreamy looking bed and breakfast with excellent Chef. Here is a picture from Hy’s camera:


Charming wine country house with award winning chef is the perfect combination for a wedding venue. On the Sat. night we arrived, there were a wedding in the house. I don’t know why, ever since HyStudio started, we kept on running into weddings in our trips no matter where we go πŸ˜›

Hy and I stayed at Room #25. It’s one of MacCallum House’s Luxury Suites. Here are some interior pictures Hy took from the Suite ‘reading area’:




There are some art pieces displayed.



Then, moving along to the room. The room is quite nice. There were fireplace, jetted spa tub, private deck with hot tub in a little private garden. All the bathing supplies are from Loccitane. They are thoughtful enough to include bubble bath pebble.




We visited Mendocino 3 years ago in May 2004, right after our engagement. The town has changed a lot since then. I noticed more bed and breakfast around town. Also, a lot of B&B now offer free high speed internet. I remembered our last visit, not only there were no Internet connection, we were living in a room without TV. I somehow missed the remoteness of Mendocino in 2004.

Regardless, we had tons of fun around town. We are even considering whether we should start investing for a retirement/vacation home in Mendocino. It’s crazy, I know, Hy and I are so far from retirement. But older folks at work and my ‘Asian’ parents always remind me to start thinking about investment when I am young .. I am sure some of you have your fair share of ‘reminders’ as well.

Here are some photos from a garden that has ‘most personality’ in town.

First, front view, unique enough that I asked Hy to snap a shot for me.


Then, walking pass it from the next street. WOW ~




Then there is this gallery that utilized the old water tower.


As for good food around town, the famous Cafe Beaujolais just transfered to a new ownership. I wasn’t brave enough to try. I am waiting for reviews. Hy and I did enjoy a nice dinner at the Moose Cafe after a day of long hike. The food was really light yet full of flavors. And of course, hand made ice cream at Frankie’s Ice Cream & Pizza Parlor on Ukiah St. The Raspberry Swirl is a ‘must scoop’.

I enjoyed the wine, the vineyard, the ocean, the sunset, the fresh produce, the nice weather, and of course, quality time with Hy. I will have more photos to share with you girls about this trip up coming. But, this is it for now πŸ™‚