Early April, Hy and I got to enjoy a sunny afternoon during Spring Break with Ann & Chris. Ann picked a fun location for her engagement session. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!

Let’s start with a deadly romantic photo on the beach.


Ann had her hair & makeup trial done right before the engagement photo session. The makeup artist is the extraordinary Liza Zomer. I’ve heard of so many good thing about Lisa, but haven’t worked with her in a wedding yet. Hy and I are looking forward to work with Liza for Ann & Chris’ upcoming wedding in Aug. I love the half down curly hair style on Ann.


Early April, the weather was still unstable. On the way drive down, the sky was gloomy. We were lucky when we arrived Santa Cruz, the sun came out. Sunset lighting hitting the water made up a dreamy setting for the shoot.




We can’t say we’ve done engagement photos at the Boardwalk without some fun shots!



And the amazing thing is, this is HyStudio’s 3rd year in the wedding photography business. YET, this was the VERY FIRST TIME Hy shot the engagement photos at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk!! None of our previous brides suggested Boardwalk. Hy LOVED the Boardwalk though. He kept on telling me afterwards that we should booked more engagement photos at the Boardwalk. There were just so much material to work with.


It was during the spring break, there were so many kids and parents on the Boardwalk. Ann & Chris brought 3 of their ‘babies’ with them for the photo shoots. Hy had a lot of fun with Ann & Chris & their little ones.




Our meetings with Ann & Chris was sort of ‘meant to be’, I would say. I still remembered our first meeting. While showing Ann & Chris Hy’s portfolio at our place, somehow, the conversation diverged to my full time job. I mentioned my company name.

Ann was like, “My brother also worked at company X”.

“Really? Which department? cuz company X is huge” I asked, didn’t think this conversation would go anywhere exciting.

“Y department. But he’s an engineer though”.

“Y department?! Really, I work in Y department too! and I am an engineer too!”. I was thinking .. ok.. many people that I worked closely with for 2 years has mistaken me as product manager. I guess I should just suck up the fact that I don’t look & behave like an engineer.

Then I started thinking on Ann’s last name and scanned the Y department engineers’ faces quickly in my head. “OMG~ Your brother is XXX”! Another amazing thing was, I just had a meeting that morning with Ann’s brother trying to resolve a fire together.

Ann’s brother told me next day at work: “Ann asked me to treat you nicely from now on, so her picture will look nice on the wedding day”.

Haha, Ann, you are so cute. Once you signed up to be a HyStudio bride, it’s our commitment to take care of you. Don’t worry about other stuff, just concentrate on being beautiful & joyous on your wedding day, Hy & I will take care of the rest.

Ok, you girls must be tired of my chattiness now. I know you are here to look at Hy’s photos. Here they are, there are just so many varieties.





Ann and Chris offered to take us to ice cream. I usually don’t tag alone during the engagement photos shoot. But I am all up for tagging alone, doing nothing, and get ice cream 🙂 hee .. OK, seriously now. Ladies, I am about to introduce the yummiest scoop in town, take out your pencil and paper now: Marianne’s Ice Cream on 1020 Ocean St.. There was a long line and we had to get a number and waited. It’s totally worth the wait though. Check it out when you are in town.Hy took some chances to snap some shots in front of the ice cream shop. I thought the photos are as sweet as the ice cream ~



After departing with Ann & Chris, Hy and I wondered to downtown Santa Cruz and enjoyed a nice dinner at Soif Wine Bar for a light dinner. It’s a little restaurant next to a wine tasting shop. The food is quite exquisite, worth a visit.


Congratulations Ann & Chris. Looking forward for another fun day in August!