Past Sat., Hy and I went on a venue scout for one of our Aug. wedding at the beautiful Carmel Valley. I’ve been to Carmel many times, but always draw toward the shopping area close to the ocean side. This is the first time I notice Carmel Valley, 20 minutes in land from Carmel by the Sea.

As a ritual from those scouting trips, Hy and I always find good food around the location(s) to reward ourselves for working on the weekends. For me, I just love those romantic short get-aways with my hubby. I won’t have much of him during the wedding season, so I try to utilize as much quality time with him during those scout trips before summer starts. I would research on the web on all the good eats around town, and choose 1 or 2 winners for our lunch and dinner.

This time, the winner lunch location is at Corkscrew Cafe at Carmel Valley.

Hy and I always love fresh produces. We are lucky to live in CA because California cuisine is very ingredient-driven. Alice Waters, the owner of restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, has a famous quote regarding the essence of California Cuisine: “your dish is only as good as your ingredients. So the emphasis is on freshness, simplicity, locality.” This is the very reason I am so eager to try out Corkscrew Cafe: It uses fresh herbs and seasonal produce grown in their garden.


The cafe is located next to Georis Winery Tasting Room and Gardens. I thought the owner chose a great name for the cafe. There are a lot to see in this little cafe. They have a little corkscrew museum showing off variety “corkscrew collections”.



While waiting for a table, we roamed next door to Georis Winery tasting room. This following photo is from the inside of Old Adobe Building. You can find books, wines, different vintage items.


Here is a corner of the Old Adobe Garden, you can sit in the garden for wine tasting. It’s quite nice to sit out in the garden sipping different wines and enjoy the Carmel sunshine in month of April & May.


Last but not least, gotta show you a little food photo from Corkscrew Cafe right? 🙂 Hy and I enjoyed the food, wine, music, and a lovely Sat. afternoon in Corkscrew Cafe’s outdoor garden.


Corkscrew Cafe also hosts weddings & rehearsal dinner. I think it is a lovely location for a small, intimate gathering. Your guests would enjoy it.