Past Sunday, besides enjoying Nicole Ha‘s beautiful work, Hy and I got to meet with other talented vendors in the bay area.

I’ve heard so much about Margaret’s French Bakery when I planned my own wedding in 2005. I’ve heard my friends raving about the cake. I had NO IDEA until past Sunday when Margaret herself handed me a piece of her Princess Cake, I was SOO HOOKED. I spared a little spoonful for Hy while he’s shooting, he’s been complaining to me since then for not getting him a full piece. 😛 I guess I will need to order a “Princess Cake” for Hy’s next birthday. Here is a description from Margaret’s site about the Princess Cake:

Princess Cake: vanilla or chocolate genoise filled with seedless raspberry preserves and chantilly cream (Amaretto whipped cream) and frosted with Amaretto whipped cream, Amaretto buttercream or vanilla buttercream

It’s very soft and full of moisture. I can taste a nice hint of raspberry and Amaretoo. Writing about it now makes me crave for one more piece ..

Let’s take a break from cake and take a look at the venue, Dolce Hayes Mansion, where Nicole hosted her annual floral show.


The show was nicely organized with drinks and desserts. Hy and I grabbed 2 glasses of Mimosa after Hy finished taking all the photos. Big kudos to Haye’s Mansion’s catering managers (picture below). You can trust the ladies to take care of your wedding hosted in Haye’s Mansion.


Another cool lady that we met was Christine of Christine-Makeup. Christine has such a cute and warm personality. When we introduced ourselves to her, she was so happy to meet with us. She told us that she heard so many good things about us and she really enjoyed Hy’s work. Trust me, as vendors, we are always happy to meet fans out there. (hee.. ) Hy, Frank and I worked our hearts out on all the photos we release, we are always happy to hear there are people who enjoy our hard work!

Here is a shot of Christine in action with a bride-to-be in a real time, on site make up trial.


Then Christine, beautiful girl in black, post a shot with the beauty work she’s done on her clients.


Last but not least, we met up with Crystal of Amazae Special Events. She’s the beautiful lady in floral top. This is the first time we meet. I hope this opens door for more collaboration with Crystal in the future.

In the end, I just realize, there are so many successful women in this business. I am so proud of the ladies!