I know many of you are waiting for this post. The wait is over 🙂

This past weekend, Frank, Hy and I enjoyed an elegant Sunday afternoon at Nicole Ha’s 2007 Wedding Floral Event. Let’s start with some photos.



Nicole picked a very nice venue this year. The event was hosted at Dolce Hayes Mansion at San Jose. Nicole’s mom was there, she greeted Hy and I warmly. Nicole did my wedding in 2005. I told her mom how much I love Nicole’s 2007 work. Her mom told Hy that he should give me another reception with Nicole as florist on our 2nd wedding anniversary. Sure, I am so up for that 😉 (hint hint)

Now, little something for the groom.



Nicole displayed centerpiece and table settings for her 2007 brides. While waiting for Hy, I actually got to chat with some brides who will have those center pieces in their wedding. I wonder which lucky bride is having a tropical island wedding:



I love rich and vibrant colors of following designs:




Nicole was very busy through out the events. Nevertheless, I did steal some moment to chat with her. I told her my favorite table was the Black & White table. She told me, every year, she prepares a table that she would use if she gets to celebrate her wedding reception again. This year, it’s the black and white table. “This year, I am trying to do something special though.” Nicole said. “I was thinking, if I get to design a wedding for Audrey Hepburn, this will be my design for her wedding”.

Let’s start with the bridal bouquet:


Wedding bouquet close up:


Then the table setting for Ms. Hepburn: Look at the crystal & mirror details!




Nicole filled the full ball room today with her creativity. Hy and Frank took so many pictures, unfortunately, we can only show case so much on this blog. Here are the last two for a beach theme wedding:







Great job Nicole! You are amazing. Hy and I are so proud of you!

Now girls, if you are getting married in 2008 and haven’t booked a wedding florist yet, definitely move fast with Nicole. She often gets booked up real fast.

During this event, Hy and I also met with other great vendors. I will post more about our new friends during the week. There are some more photos to show. Have a nice week girls ~