One of the spring Sat. afternoon, Hy and I visited more venues for one of our August bride.

I love those little time away. Not only we discovered many treasures around town, I also get to experience the excitements and anticipations that HyStudio brides are going through.

3 photos to share with you:

Elegant event space: We were really lucky that the guard let us in, the place was closed over the weekend.


The luxurious hotel where the bride would do her bridal prep, and of course, Hy would take the opportunity to take some creative and amazing photos.


Exterior of the venue:


Then, coffee break at a Starbucks near by:



BTW, just passed by Hy’s desk and got a peak on what he’s working on, I saw roller coasters and ice cream shop in the photos. 😉 Can’t wait to share what’s coming with you girls!