Do you follow any particular band or vocal artist?

I do. I am crazy about a male vocal artist from Taiwan. He’s quite young yet very talented. He started his career when he was 19 by writing pop melodies for singers. Couple years later, he started to sing himself. He’s not super cute, but the charm came from his talent. Now he is a super star in Asia.

I always watch for his news online. When there is news about he’s working on the next CD, I start to anticipate. Whenever there is any news about what’s going to be in the next CD, I always feel very excited. I would keep on waiting and waiting; preorder the CD on Taiwan’s Amazon. On the day the CD finally reached me, I would listen each songs carefully .. and I would often tell Hy .. “this album is so cool.. he’s trying to express something new in this CD. He did it again to outperform himself”.

When you really get the artist, you feel happy to see him grow and enjoy his every ounce of creativity.

If you ever had that feeling, this is the feeling I have very often with Hy’s photos.

Check out Linh & Kevin’s engagement photos. The energy that Hy captured of Linh & Kevin on that sunny March afternoon was intimacy.

Are you feeling the heat?









Thank you Linh and Kevin. Great job 🙂

See more photos here (remember to turn on your speaker)!