Couple days ago, Nicole Ha sent us an invitation to her annual wedding floral event on April 22.

Hy and I were extremely excited.   We were there last year and were really amazed on Nicole’s work in 2006.  I can’t wait to see this year’s trend.  For me, it’s like going to a fashion show.  I can’t wait to see what the designer has to present this year.

Hy and I will be there probably for couple hours.  Hy will be taking floral pictures for Nicole.  We will be show casing some here on this blog as well.  If you are there, come and say hello to Hy, you should be able to recognize him easily with his camera.

If you are interested to come, contact Nicole directly for detail.  Her contact information is on her website:

I can never post a blog entry without a picture.  Here it is, one bridal bouquet that Nicole designed for a wedding we had together in 2006.


Ok.. I know some of our careful portfolio watchers would compalint, you’ve seen this one already on our portfolio.  Here is one you probably haven’t seen: a close up detail shot.  The fabric was actually part of the bride’s gown 😉 


One of this day, I should show you the one Nicole designed for me in 2005.  🙂