Mai Han came by with Tim during our first meeting.

She told us that she wanted to have a western style banquet, yet she couldn’t give up the 12 courses delicious Chinese wedding banquet food. This is actually a very common dilemma among Asian brides we met. She told us that she booked an amazing florist, who also does event design and planning. Her florist told her that she would be able to transform a Chinese restaurant into the banquet hall of her dream. I was listening .. nodding politely, but I thought.. “Hm.. … Chinese restaurant ..? “.

Then she told me, her florist is Nicole Ha Designs. Hy and I had Nicole for our own wedding, so we know what she’s capable of.

“If Nicole says she can do it, I will take her word and believe her.” I told Mai Han, giving her words of comfort all the anxious brides needed.

Back then, I believed with faith.

On the wedding day, I was really curious. So, I drove to the banquet site to take a look.

Then, I experienced first hand of a famous verse: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe”. Following 4 detail shots are done by Frank.


Can you believe in the day time this is where you eat dimsum and spring rolls? Isn’t Nicole A-mazing?


I love the color of the toss bouquet.




I love the cake design. So elegant. Mai Han has a great taste.


OK now. You’ve seen enough hint. Can you guess which Chinese Restaurant it is? It’s a quite famous one in the south bay 🙂


Not only Nicole did a great job on great scheme of things, she’s extremely detail oriented. Check out this one:


Now back to groom and bride. Mai Han changed to a traditional dress to greet the guests table by table.




This toasting one is done by Frank also. Isn’t he full of talent?20070403_11.jpg

Then I found this photo from a stack of photos Hy took. Out of all the celebration that’s going on around, there is peace and quiet around a mom and the new born.








I am really happy for Mai Han. She found talented vendors, trusted in them, gave them freedom to express their talents. It turned out great for her isn’t it?