April 2007

When Camille came by visiting us for the first time back in July last year, I was really captivated by her beauty in person. Hy and I didn’t get to meet with Michael during the first visit. We are so happy that we had a chance to capture some moments for the love birds before their wedding in June.


Camille & Michael are such a joyful couple.


Frank and Hy are very fortunate to catch the sunset sunlight. I love how the boys play with the light. (Yeah.. I referred our HyStudio photographers as ‘the boys’ most of time to my girl friends).



Frank actually directed and shot most of the photos in this session. Hy tagged alone to make sure the session went smoothly. I sent an email asking Camille for her permission. Camille and Michael are kind enough to help us out. Big hats off to our amazing models.



This one, Hy tried out a new editing technique.





While waiting for Frank adjusting his camera setting, Camille and Michael took some time off dancing and enjoying themselves on a Sunday afternoon. Hy and Frank was able to capture some candid shots.



After seeing their engagement slideshow, Michael sent us feedback: “Frank and Hy did a great job of capturing our personalities. We had a lot of fun on the shoot and you can tell in the photos. The pleasure is ours Camille & Micheal. We are really happy that you enjoy the day and the photos! Thank you once again for giving Frank an opportunity for your photo shoot!



Past Sunday, besides enjoying Nicole Ha‘s beautiful work, Hy and I got to meet with other talented vendors in the bay area.

I’ve heard so much about Margaret’s French Bakery when I planned my own wedding in 2005. I’ve heard my friends raving about the cake. I had NO IDEA until past Sunday when Margaret herself handed me a piece of her Princess Cake, I was SOO HOOKED. I spared a little spoonful for Hy while he’s shooting, he’s been complaining to me since then for not getting him a full piece. 😛 I guess I will need to order a “Princess Cake” for Hy’s next birthday. Here is a description from Margaret’s site about the Princess Cake:

Princess Cake: vanilla or chocolate genoise filled with seedless raspberry preserves and chantilly cream (Amaretto whipped cream) and frosted with Amaretto whipped cream, Amaretto buttercream or vanilla buttercream

It’s very soft and full of moisture. I can taste a nice hint of raspberry and Amaretoo. Writing about it now makes me crave for one more piece ..

Let’s take a break from cake and take a look at the venue, Dolce Hayes Mansion, where Nicole hosted her annual floral show.


The show was nicely organized with drinks and desserts. Hy and I grabbed 2 glasses of Mimosa after Hy finished taking all the photos. Big kudos to Haye’s Mansion’s catering managers (picture below). You can trust the ladies to take care of your wedding hosted in Haye’s Mansion.


Another cool lady that we met was Christine of Christine-Makeup. Christine has such a cute and warm personality. When we introduced ourselves to her, she was so happy to meet with us. She told us that she heard so many good things about us and she really enjoyed Hy’s work. Trust me, as vendors, we are always happy to meet fans out there. (hee.. ) Hy, Frank and I worked our hearts out on all the photos we release, we are always happy to hear there are people who enjoy our hard work!

Here is a shot of Christine in action with a bride-to-be in a real time, on site make up trial.


Then Christine, beautiful girl in black, post a shot with the beauty work she’s done on her clients.


Last but not least, we met up with Crystal of Amazae Special Events. She’s the beautiful lady in floral top. This is the first time we meet. I hope this opens door for more collaboration with Crystal in the future.

In the end, I just realize, there are so many successful women in this business. I am so proud of the ladies!

I know many of you are waiting for this post. The wait is over 🙂

This past weekend, Frank, Hy and I enjoyed an elegant Sunday afternoon at Nicole Ha’s 2007 Wedding Floral Event. Let’s start with some photos.



Nicole picked a very nice venue this year. The event was hosted at Dolce Hayes Mansion at San Jose. Nicole’s mom was there, she greeted Hy and I warmly. Nicole did my wedding in 2005. I told her mom how much I love Nicole’s 2007 work. Her mom told Hy that he should give me another reception with Nicole as florist on our 2nd wedding anniversary. Sure, I am so up for that 😉 (hint hint)

Now, little something for the groom.



Nicole displayed centerpiece and table settings for her 2007 brides. While waiting for Hy, I actually got to chat with some brides who will have those center pieces in their wedding. I wonder which lucky bride is having a tropical island wedding:



I love rich and vibrant colors of following designs:




Nicole was very busy through out the events. Nevertheless, I did steal some moment to chat with her. I told her my favorite table was the Black & White table. She told me, every year, she prepares a table that she would use if she gets to celebrate her wedding reception again. This year, it’s the black and white table. “This year, I am trying to do something special though.” Nicole said. “I was thinking, if I get to design a wedding for Audrey Hepburn, this will be my design for her wedding”.

Let’s start with the bridal bouquet:


Wedding bouquet close up:


Then the table setting for Ms. Hepburn: Look at the crystal & mirror details!




Nicole filled the full ball room today with her creativity. Hy and Frank took so many pictures, unfortunately, we can only show case so much on this blog. Here are the last two for a beach theme wedding:







Great job Nicole! You are amazing. Hy and I are so proud of you!

Now girls, if you are getting married in 2008 and haven’t booked a wedding florist yet, definitely move fast with Nicole. She often gets booked up real fast.

During this event, Hy and I also met with other great vendors. I will post more about our new friends during the week. There are some more photos to show. Have a nice week girls ~

Hy, Frank and I had a play date with Lucas last Sat. at our place. Lucas just finished a big entry exam for a private school in London. His mom told me they’ve been prepared for almost a year for this entry exam. End results was, he did really well and got into the school of his parent’s dream 🙂 I am so proud of him.

Last 2 weeks was his spring break. To reward Lucas’ hard work, we prepared some yummy food for him: BBQ hotdog, toasted marshmallow, cake and ice cream. Lucas loved to play in our backyard. He told me, he enjoyed the “country side” life …. He grew up in New York City, just moved to London, so I guess our place does look like a country side to him 😛

Here is a picture of Lucas and his beautiful mom. Lucas told me, “My mom is my treasure!”. Such a sweet little guy! 🙂


While adults are eating, Lucas quietly drawing what he called his ‘inventions’ in our living room. Following 2 photos are taken by Frank



Hy and I will be visiting Lucas in London one of these days.

One of the spring Sat. afternoon, Hy and I visited more venues for one of our August bride.

I love those little time away. Not only we discovered many treasures around town, I also get to experience the excitements and anticipations that HyStudio brides are going through.

3 photos to share with you:

Elegant event space: We were really lucky that the guard let us in, the place was closed over the weekend.


The luxurious hotel where the bride would do her bridal prep, and of course, Hy would take the opportunity to take some creative and amazing photos.


Exterior of the venue:


Then, coffee break at a Starbucks near by:



BTW, just passed by Hy’s desk and got a peak on what he’s working on, I saw roller coasters and ice cream shop in the photos. 😉 Can’t wait to share what’s coming with you girls!

Do you follow any particular band or vocal artist?

I do. I am crazy about a male vocal artist from Taiwan. He’s quite young yet very talented. He started his career when he was 19 by writing pop melodies for singers. Couple years later, he started to sing himself. He’s not super cute, but the charm came from his talent. Now he is a super star in Asia.

I always watch for his news online. When there is news about he’s working on the next CD, I start to anticipate. Whenever there is any news about what’s going to be in the next CD, I always feel very excited. I would keep on waiting and waiting; preorder the CD on Taiwan’s Amazon. On the day the CD finally reached me, I would listen each songs carefully .. and I would often tell Hy .. “this album is so cool.. he’s trying to express something new in this CD. He did it again to outperform himself”.

When you really get the artist, you feel happy to see him grow and enjoy his every ounce of creativity.

If you ever had that feeling, this is the feeling I have very often with Hy’s photos.

Check out Linh & Kevin’s engagement photos. The energy that Hy captured of Linh & Kevin on that sunny March afternoon was intimacy.

Are you feeling the heat?









Thank you Linh and Kevin. Great job 🙂

See more photos here (remember to turn on your speaker)!

Hy and I went on a venue scout in SF for one of our June bride. Here are some of my favorite shots from the scout.






Both the church and the hotel are magnificent. I can’t wait for this big day.

For those of you who celebrates Easter, Happy Easter! Easter is an important day for Hy and I. I should get to bed soon for Easter Service in the morning.

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