Frank came by this morning to discuss tomorrow afternoon’s engagement shooting. Frank tags alone on Hy’s shooting whenever he is in town. For those of you who doesn’t know Frank, Frank has been with HyStudio since Sept. 2006. In short 6 months, Frank already built himself an amazing portfolio. Hy plans on training Frank for a full year before Frank starts taking wedding on his own. The reason for this long training is, we want to make sure that Frank understands HyStudio style and quality. We want to make sure photos taken by Frank represents HyStudio brand. Frank’s first wedding by himself will be Aug this year. If your wedding is anytime after Sept, 2007, I would say give Frank a try. We are giving a discounted rate right now for Frank’s packages (pricing on HyStudio website). Now is a short period of time that you can sign up for an up and raising photographer at a discounted rate. I will showcase some of Frank’s wedding work here in near future. Stay Tune ~

After our discussion, Frank showed us some of the photos he took on a recent trip to China. I really liked them. With Frank’s permission, following are some of my favorite photos from our talented Frank.

Hong Kong night view ~


One of local outdoor market in Hong Kong. This photo reminds me of fishs I saw in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, except fishs in this photo are petite size.


It’s quite usual in Asia that people hangs their clothes outdoor to dry.


Following are photos from Shanghai. I’ve never been to China. I would love to visit one day.


Frank humbly mentioned that he took photos with Hy’s style in this recent trip. I can see Hy in the following two:




If you ran into one of those stand in Asia, you gotta give it a try. I remembered the taste of it when I was a child. It’s amazing. They are fresh fruits stick dipped in special ‘ice sugar’. When you bite it, the sugar coat is crunchy and the fruit is sweet and fresh. So yummy ~




Isn’t Shanghai a beautiful city? Hy and I know where we want to go for our next long trip!