Last week, we heard back from Ky and Shelby. Baby Kaden just arrived March this year. We did Ky and Shelby’s wedding back in 2005. Hy and I are so happy for the Hunt family.

We got many requests this past 2 years regarding kids or family photos. Due to resource limitation, we had to turn them down. In the past, Hy only shoots family/kids photos for friends and families. Though I gotta said, Hy has some magic around the little ones. We rarely have a chance to showcase kids photos in our HyStudio website, as the focus of that site is weddings. I am so happy that now I can show y’all more photos here.

Following are some photos Hy took last year. They were Baby Thy’s one year old photos. Baby Thy just learned how to stand. Mommy asked Hy to capture that special moment for the family.

Baby Thy still crawling ….


Little girl happy to see uncle Hy ..




Hy arrived at Lunch time. Thy took a ‘milk break’ in between shoots.








Time to show uncle Hy and mommy that I can stand ..





This year, Hy’s open to take children’s photos for our old/new HyStudio brides and grooms. In fact, we just did a small family photo session last weekend. We will be show casing the photos in couple weeks. As Frank take on more HyStudio weddings in 2008, I hope Hy will have more time to do children’s photos.