Interesting title for a wedding photography blog entry isn’t it?

No worries. It’s the lyrics of one of our favorite artist, BitterSweet. The song titled “Dirty Laundry” goes: “What’s the fun of playing it safe, I think I rather mis-behave, your way .. ”

Hy and I thought about having a HyStudio blog for almost a year. We hesitated because we really want to give the blog some depth. We want to take some risks here. We named our blog “Life Behind the Lens”. We want to show you a bit of our life. For new HyStudio friends, this will be a great way to get to know us a bit better. For our old friends, this will be a great way to keep in touch. For those of you who love Hy’s work, this will be a place to show case some of Hy’s work outside of wedding photos.

Life, unfortunately, is not always ‘picture perfect’. Precious moments happens spontaneously. On this blog, not all the photos are taken by professional camera and lens. For some occasions, Hy and I travel light, with a palm size point and shoot camera. The latest one we have is a Kodak EasyShare V705 Dual Lens Digital Camera.

Last Thursday night, Hy surprised me with a belated Valentine celebration in the city. This is our 2nd Valentine since we got married. Hy took me to “Annie’s Bistro” for dinner. While waiting for the food to arrive, Hy and I played around and took some shot of the restaurant with our point and shoot. Annie, the owner of the bistro, stopped by and asked whether Hy’s an artist. “Hy’s a professional photographer.” I told her. She asked us to send her some photos.

Here are some photos of Annie’s well decorated bistro:


I love the lighting of the next one .. (cuz I took it .. haha ..).



I really enjoyed the “Crispy Duck Confit and Breast” dish. Visit Annie sometimes. She’s super sweet.

After dinner, we headed to the Independent for some live performances. Hy reserved the tickets for one of my favorite band: “BitterSweet“. We were really lucky, the show wasn’t too crowded so we got to stand right in front of her while she sang. At this time, I did wish we had our most powerful camera and lens with us. The point and shoot doesn’t do her justice.



It was a romantic and memorable night. I wish we live in the city. I don’t mind having this every night. 🙂